Charity to begin at home. Trustees will be putting in significant seed money to launch the project. Thereafter civil society and philanthropists will be approached to participate in the project.



Donors will be encouraged for adopting students for financing them through the years in school. Philanthropists will be approached to donate in-kind like atta, ghee, pulses, milk, uniforms etc. A part of land land will be reserved for agriculture, vegetable growing, poultry, milch cattle etc. to subsidise kitchen expenses and inculcate a spirit of self help.



The whole purpose is to enable poor but talented students to get an opportunity for quality education free of cost. However there may be some who are talented but have enough resources to pay the fees. Fees including food, accommodation , sports etc  will be modest, with emphasis on simplicity. Majority students will be free but some students who have the resources will pay. These funds will be used for cross subsidization.